CPR Questions

  • Can I get in trouble for giving someone first aid or BLS? 

In North and South Carolina, state laws such as Good Samaritan laws are in place to protect lay people from liability when they volunteer their assistance in an emergency. There are many laws like this throughout the United States, and at the federal level, that protect people who volunteer first aid in emergencies.

  • How long do classes last? 

Class times can vary due to class size and content of the course, but can vary between 2-6 hours. At Coastline CPR, we put in the time to make sure every learning style is catered to. Everyone learns differently, so our teaching styles are flexible and adaptable to help make sure everyone comes away from the class knowledgable in first aid. You can go here [insert link to classes] to see more information on class content and possible class lengths.

  • Do classes come in multiple sessions? 

Your CPR training will be complete in one convenient class. Coastline CPR can come to you morning, noon, or night.

  • Can you come to my home/church/place of business? 

Of course! Coastline CPR can come right to you!

  • Is there somewhere besides my home we could conduct lessons?

Absolutely! We can help arrange a third-site location for your class.

  • Do these classes give me first aid certification? 

BLS and Heartsaver courses include first aid certifications.

  • What is BLS? 

BLS stands for ‘Basic Life Support’ and is the basic training employed by medical and EMS professionals in the event of a medical crisis.

  • What is an AED? 

AED stands for ‘Automated External Defibrillator’ – a device used to restart the heart pumping in the event of cardiac arrest.

  • What will we learn in the classes? 

Please see [link to classes] for more details on course curriculum.

  • Is there an age minimum to join a class or learn CPR? 

There is no age minimum for knowledge! Anyone can learn CPR, although you have to be [?] years old to qualify for BLS certification.

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