Coastline CPR

Coastline CPR was founded by a local RN who has performed CPR many times within a hospital setting, and wanted to spread her knowledge of CPR and first aid to the general public and increase awareness of the importance being prepared. Having cared for patients in ICU who had suffered cardiac arrests outside the hospital, she was well aware of the reduction in survival rates for patients who had not received any CPR before EMS arrived.

Having seen those tragic situations, and patients on life support whose family members were left with difficult decisions, she decided to take her training outside of the medical community.

Statistics show that more than 68% of cardiac arrests that occur outside of hospitals happen at home. At Coastline CPR, we are determined to teach everyone the skills need to help save a life. Knowledge is power – and we can provide you with the knowledge and the confidence to perform high quality CPR and potentially save a life.

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