Why CPR?

Who should learn CPR?

Everyone! Life-threatening medical emergencies can happen anywhere, at anytime, whether it be at work, the gym, the beach, or in your home. As a bystander, you will be able to intervene and make a difference in someone’s life before EMS arrives.

The national average for EMS response time is up to 8 minutes, and can rise to 14 minutes in rural areas. So your knowledge of CPR could be paramount. Brain damage from lack of oxygen can occur in less than 5 minutes. And for every minute the body has no oxygen, chances of survival drop by 10%. A five minute wait time for EMS can already reduce survival by 50%!

So when we say that CPR and first aid training can mean the difference between life and death, we mean that literally! When CPR is given immediately after cardiac arrest, a victim’s chance of survival can double, or even TRIPLE! Being prepared and knowledgable can save a life and can give you peace of mind that you will be ready to help if anyone needs it.

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