CPR Classes in Myrtle Beach

The importance of CPR and first aid during a health crisis cannot be understated. If you witness someone experience a health emergency, or stumble upon someone in the midst of one, your initiative can save their life. We can teach you the knowledge and the confidence to be the person that can help until health professionals arrive.

We Come to You

Whether you are a private individual or church group who just wants to be prepared, or a business that needs training to assist clients and guests, we can come straight to you or arrange a public space to teach you the tools you need to properly use CPR, AED, and other essential first aid.

The Importance of CPR

The last thing anyone wants to happen in their workplace is have someone suffer cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest occurs approximately 10,000 times per year in the work place, and that is not including restaurants and other public venues. Taking the simple precaution of learning CPR allows you to be ready before an emergency happens and can give you peace of mind.

Regular AED check-ins and training

According to the American Heart Association, more than half of employees are not offered first aid or CPR/AED training. And about 66% of those who are trained cannot locate the AED (automated external defibrillator).

To ensure your group or business is up-to-date and prepared, Coastline CPR can provide you monthly battery tests for your AED, as well as regular training for your staff on locating and using an AED if the need arises. When you have new hires, or even if you feel the need for a refresher, Coastline CPR is here to help!

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